As a result of my working experience, I have an understanding of the nature of the industry and the importance of a flexible approach to work, an ability to work to tight deadlines, deliver results under pressure and a willingness to pitch in, whenever required.

The small movie theater in my town was the main attraction of a Sunday afternoon. The screen was the window of my dreams, my inspiration and my journey.

From Labyrinth to Beetlejuice, Aladdin to Lion king, Pulp Fiction to Toy Story, I was taken to places and lands so far away from my reality, constantly
searching for more. On achieving my first fine Art degree in Italy, I left to study classic animation in Dublin. This course on classic animation turned out to be one of the happiest periods of my life.

With few opportunities in classic animation at this time and the world in the middle of a technological change, I hit PANIC!It took me a few years and a Masters in graphic design to learn and appreciate the new technology wave in animation, but here I am today, specialized in concept Art and 3d modelling using 3d software such as Maya and Z-brush. My fascination and my curiosity in depicting people in my drawings are shifted from paper to a 3d space.The dream remains the same, the motion picture.Throughout the many decision changes through my life, my passion for film animation is still the same from my childhood to the present day.