Kuato Game Studio - Disney Story Realms

Concept Art , 3d assets , 3d characters


Kuato is creative studio focused on engaging children in narrative learning play. Our games allow children to share their Tales with grown-ups, and through those Tales, allow grown-ups to remember what it was to be young, and free to believe.

The world needs more stories, and children are the purest source of creativity.

They are the storytellers. We are the Talesmakers.

Stardust Battle

FunkyPanda games Studio

Stardust Battle is a Top down view Player vs Player mobile game


Responsible for the World Map concept Art and the Art assets for the in game levels iuncluding 3d props and final implementation in Unity.

As a member of the Art team for the project, I worked predominantly delivering the Art for the environment and the Concept Art of the levels for the game using

Photoshopand, Maya and ZBrush.

Rize Zombie

Marmalade Game Studio - Rize Zombie visual development


Rize Zombies is a first persone shooter game .

I was responsible for the concept art of the weapons , the logo and the splash screens of this project .

The weapons are a combination of everyday objects like junk, and the challenge was finding the best shape and silhouette for them.

Little Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop Your World is an Android and iOS game by Hasbro, Inc.

As a member of the Art team for the project, I worked predominantly delivering the UI Art and the Concept Art of the characters for the game using Photoshop.

I was also responsible for the 3d model and concept of art of the Diamond hill Activity scene as 3d background artist .


Here are a few more images from the game .

Nerf Zombie

Nerf Zombie is a zombie shooter game based on a first person camera defence .

Respnsible for the Character design and 3d modeling for Nerf Zombie.

The software used for this project are Autodesk Maya, Z-brush, Photoshop .


I was responsible for the character design of the Zombies and the UI art for hasbro Arcade games.

The sofware used for this project are Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush.

Bird's Band

Tv animation series for Childrens

Birds’Band (Tv Series)
Format: 26 x 12′ TV series, CGI
Responsible for creating 3d models of the characters.
The software used for this project is Maya, Z Brush and UVlayout.


Toposodo is an independent productions company and an animation studio set in Pisa, Italy, since 2005 by Marco Bigliazzi & Fabrizio Bondi, which develops original cartoons & animation projects, both for TV and theatrical.

Signal to the Stars

As a 2d Concept Artist my responsibility in Signal to the Stars was to produce Character design and background suitable for the puzzle game.

The main character for the game is my own creation, and so are the game tyles and the storyboard images.


Signal to the Stars
Signal to the Stars is a simple, accessible puzzle game in which you create "crop circles" by dragging or tapping your
finger around the screen. The aim is to fill in every available square.